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controversial prison at guantanamo bay, cuba, two months away, will not be met. president obama has confirmed the commitment that he made so publicly came to office will not be fulfilled in time. jonathan beall is at guantanamo bay. >> the reason for the delay is still filtering through. we do not know if the detainees have been informed, but the military commanders are aware. it does not come as a huge surprise because they know that president obama wanted to close it. they know there has been a huge obstacle in the way, the biggest one, where the put the detainees instead? there are still 200. where will they go, where will they be tried? these questions are still to be resolved. it is interesting to note there has been, we are told, an improvement in the mood, that there are less attacks on guards and that 70% of detainees are allowed to live communally for 20 hours per day. that is in part because they know that it is closure of the camp, they know the decision will be made about the future. we're still in the dark as to what will happen to the detainees. five will be transferred. it will
away and it will not be met. president obama said that the commitment that he made cannot be fulfilled in time. >> it was one of the obama administration's earlier promises, close the prison that they called gtmo by his first term in office -- by his first year in office. 10 inmates are being brought to trial,ive of them in new york. the president was asked if he understood why some americans found this offensive. >> i don't think it is offensive at all when he is convicted and when the death penalty is applied. what i am clear about is that i have complete confidence in the american people and our legal traditions. >> there are still 215 people being held in guantanamo bay. some have been cleared of wrongdoing but no countries have been forthcoming in taking them. some of them will be tried at a federal court in manhattan including 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed. detainees could end up being sent to a prison in rural illinois. thedministration's top lawyer went to capitol hill to brush aside questions. >> did khalid sheikh mohammed make the same statement in his military proce
the iran hostage crisis. dick cheney is not backing down, he slams president obama for protecting weakness in asia. all of that plus dana perino, call rove, and our great american panel. sean: president obama's radical policies are working like imagine nick one -- like magic in one sense. poll numbers plummeting among independents since last month. 45%, down from 52 ers% in october. -- from 52% in october. if you keep this up the republicans will thank you nor paving way for big victories in 2010. dana perino a sean: for me personally, this is a bit degrading. newsweek should be more policy oriented, more substance oriented. sean: they used it for a specific purpose to feature well-known runners and promote fitness amongst its readers. "runner's world," said that they did not give the image. it was provided by the photographers stock agency without the knowledge or permission of runner's world. it is standard practice for them to strike images that have appeared on other magazines. joining us is dana perino and stuart varney. she said that the out of context newsweek approach is sexist. >>
report in tonight's "on the job hunt" segment. >> with president obama overseas, his white house has come under attack here at home, after publishing data from recipients of stimulus package money who turn out to have exaggerated, inflated or just plain lied about the number of jobs they have create or saved with that money. >> when you put up information that turns out to be inaccurate, you shouldn't be surprised if the public says hey, do they know what they're doing. >> david obey called the faults posted on and said the obama administration owes the country honest numbers. a republican on the same committee went even further. >> i think they ought to fire people responsible for reporting on the impact of the stimulus program, and they ought to have a peer review third-party independent accounting firm do all the reporting for them. >> the associated press and newspapers in 8 states, massachusetts, wisconsin, colorado, georgia, texas, pennsylvania, illinois and michigan, have all identified multiple cases where recipients of stimulus money made false claims to have created
words for president barack obama. let's take a look. >> barack obama. on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, where do you rate barack obama? >> a four. a four, i think there are a lot of decisions being made that i and probably the majority of americans are not impressed with right now. our economy is not being put on the right track and i question too some of the dithering and hesitation with some of our national security questions that have got to be answered for our country. so a four. sean: governor palin will be here for the full hour tomorrow night. it will be her very first cable interview since the release of her book. and joining me with analysis on the governor's appearance on g.m.a. is the author of "what americans really want, really, really, really." we have pollster and president of the war doctors, frank luntz. >> i'm looking at that clip. abc cut as close as they could to her. that's a trick that 60 minutes discovered. the closer they get to you, the more likely that people are going to distrust you. they know that and they cut in to make her look less effective and
freedom. polls show president obama slipping big in job approval. if that continues, a populace like sarah palin might well emerge as a serious contender for power. that is why the attacks on her keep on coming. the left fears sarah palin. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight reaction with us fox news analyst barack and a hard place duo monica crowley and alan colmes. you are not buying the fear thing? very simple question. i'm a very simple man and i believe you are as well. >> we have that in common, bill. bill: if it isn't fear, why the continuing vehement attacks on a woman who does not hold public office, who lives far, far away in alaska. who has five children? why the attacks? >> the fact that she lives far away and has five children has nothing whatsoever to do with it some of it is sexism. the eva peron. i googled it today. bill: naomi wolf is practicing sexism? >> i don't know what's in her heart. i googled eva peron and sarah palin and hillary clinton. they did it to hillary clinton. they did the same thing. bill: you are not answering the question, colmes, i will
legislation. i'm bret baier in washington, and this is "special report." fox news talks with president obama. here are a few of the headlines you will hear tonight the president says americans could lose confidence in the economy and have a double din recession and says they will mott make the deadline for closing guantanomo bay detention facility but says it will be closed sometime next year with cooperation and says america does not have the kind of partner we would like in afghanistan and insists building new settlements does not contribute to israel's security. here is senior white house correspondent major garrett's interview with the president in china. >> mr. president, the fox news channel is happy to see you. >> good to see you. on behalf of the news channel, let me wish you, sasha, michelle and malia, a joyous holiday 2009 season. >> to the fox family, let me say the same. >> you have a job summit next month. you want a jobs bill in 2010. will it raise the deficit or will you demand that it be deficit neutral? >> our first job was to get the economy to recover, and we're now seeing
>>> making news in america this morning. >> preside obama wraps up his trip to china and heads on to korea where a whole new series of issues await. >>> government site meant to track stimulus raises anger on capitol hill. >>> it's wednesday, november 18th, 2009. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. president obama has wrapped up his visit to shy by inviting hu to visit the zblus the president heads off to confront new challenges in korea. >> reporter: president obama enjoyed a final test of china as he wrapped up three days of meeting with communist leaders. the president's discussions have been wide ranging, climate change, north korea nuclear issues, human rights and the economy. >> a relationship that used to be focused just on economic and trade issues is now expanding to deal with a whole hosts of global issues in which the u.s. cop operates. >> reporter: the president now heads to south korea. the fourth and final country where demonstrators are awaiting his arrival. these are the first protesters that he's encountered on the trip. >> translator: i cannot repress
for that interview with president obama. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] action. the factor is next. bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> she was carrying water for policies of rove and cheney and bush. she is a tell genic, charming, front person. bill: why do so many left wing americans fear sarah palin? fear is the reason why she is attacked so viciously. crowley and colmes will analyze. >> their ratings are objectively without question, as you suggest, lower than they should be. i was partly to blame for that. bill: a liberal group says it got lou dobbs fired. is that true? we will talk with the southern poverty law center. >> there are political consequences. i will have to take my lumps to the extent those are sent my way. bill: a new poll says overwhelm overwhelmly americans object to can a lead sheik mohammed and other al qaeda thugs being tried in new york city. we will have the latest on that. caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --ww
>> rose: welcome to the broadcast. president obama leaves china tomorrow. we have an assessment of the visit with nick burns, former diplomat jim fallows of the atlantic monthly and elizabeth tack 'nammy of the council on foreign relations. >> the chinese do not like to be isolated. particularly in a power growinging. when we were able to isolate the chinese and get other powers to come along with us, the chinese were more inclined to cooperate. they didn't want to stick out. and the question of iran right now they are not pulling their weight. the russians have their own problems but at least the russians are talking a better game. >> their mantra through the last 50 years has been non-interference as the bedrock of their foreign policy which is very convenient for them to have but they're getting too large technologically to get away from that. >> their focus is as nick was saying on developing their economy and things to get in the way of that. and they want to retain the ability to decide what kind of obligation they're going to assume and they don't like having all the pres
for that interview with president obama. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute trace: new guidelines create confusion over cancer, and the government health plan is under fire. i am trace gallagher, in fort shepard smith. the news starts now. kills thousands of women every year. mothers and daughters, wives and sisters. now, some government scientists say that the way we are screen for breast cancer is wrong. >> we found that screening started at age 50 have a benefit. >> not all experts agree. >> there is not sufficient evidence at this time to warrant a significant change. trace: tonight, inside a potential life or death decision. when should women get screened? now i question triggering voting controversy tonight. it comes after a panel of scientists decided that most women do not meet routine mammograms until they reach their 50's, going against the advice of the american cancer society, which recommends yearly mammograms for women in their 40's. >> we continue to recommend screening for breast cancer start at age 40.
obama is going to sign a new executive order within a week. why worry about the congress? let's just pass an executive order! constitutions, constitution. this one is going to improve transparency just like that website did. try not to laugh. it's going to improve transparency and, quote, encourage people to play it straight. i'd like to give a shoutout to sanity right now. that ought to solve it. i wonder if we could get the union workers in there to help with that. his actions show that he is not worried about the deficit. his actions show that he is spending recklessly, but when he's spending recklessly, at the same time he comes out and says this -- >> if we keep on adding to the debt, even in the midst of this recovery, that at some point people could lose confidence in the u.s. economy in a way that could actually lead to a double-dip recession. glenn: seriously, do you think those light bars -- if i brought a rope tomorrow, coy hang myself? would that hold the weight of my body? i can't take it anymore. at some point in the future some people might lose confidence in the gover
, deputy reserves and some 200 volunteers. the obama administration had removed some of the sheriff's authority to arrest illegals, so the sheriffs used state laws instead. it was a early wake-up call onboard space shuttle atlantis. >> good morning, atlantis. and good morning, bobby. >> good morning. i just wanted to thank my wife -- gretchen: in a few minutes the shuttle will start docking with the international space station. atlantis will also do a pirouette so nasa can make sure there isn't any damage on the underbelly. those are your headlines this morning. steve: a nice way of nasa -- gretchen: i didn't know they do ballet. steve: they do a little flip so they can look at the belly. all right. harry reid is going to finally unveil his health care bill. it apparently has been merged. he has said all along they've been waiting for the official numbers from the congressional budget office to find out how much this thing is going to actually cost. and just to show how much the president wants this to pass, he is dispatching former colorado senator and interior secretary ken salaza
anthony sowell lived. >> unbelievable. dick, we appreciate it. >>> president obama is in south korea on the latest stop of his asian tour. he's scheduled to meet with that country's president tomorrow. they will discuss a free trade agreement and north korea's nuclear program. yesterday the president was in china to meet with the premier there. he accepted an invitation to visit the u.s. next year and president obama took time to walk along a section of china's great wall. he called the experience magical. >>> somali pirates have attacked a u.s. flagged cargo ship for the second time. european union naval force say weapons were fired at the "maersk alabama" this morning. private security guards on the ship fired back and turned them away. the "maersk alabama" was hijacked back in april. pirates took captain richard phillips hostage for five days before navy sharp shooters freed them. pirate attacks are increasing. there have been 29 successful hija hijackings so far this year. >>> hillary clinton is on a surprise visit to afghanistan. that's her first trip there as secretary of state
taking this combination of medicines. >>> president obama heads to southkortoday, the last stop on his asia trip. before leaving china the white house announced president obama invited president hu to visit washington next year and the chinese president had accepted. the visit will allow a cooperative relationship between the two countries to further develop. >>> away from the presidential spotlight, secretary of state chinese counterpar morning over breakfast.ty about closer cooperation on ke issues including northkorea's nuclear program and the situ in pakistan. >>> the pentagon is expected to launch an investigation into how all branches of the military keep an eye on potential problem members. into possible misse signals in members. into possible misse signals in the case of major nidal hasan, the pentagon investigation would focus on personnel policies and the availability of mental health care for troubled service members. wu is website it set up to track in jobs created by federal stimulus money. the site was riddled with reports of new jobs in districts that did though
maría elena salinas. >>> buenas noches, el gobierno de estados unidos y el presidente barack obama, desde chin china... el presidente ordenó el cierre de la cárcel en guantánamo en cuba. cierre que reconoció, que no podrá ocurrir en enero como quería. el presidente está en asia, este tipo de noticias, lo persigue. >>> no es una opción, estos casos tienen que ganarse, dijo el procurar de justicia en una audiencia, en el senado. a críticos de su decisión de llevar a juicio civil a new york. a 5 acusados de planear el ataque del 9/11. el presidente obama defendió al trasladarlo de waguantánamo. >>> es un error fundamental que tengamos que tener que estos terroristas tengan poder para evitar que presentemos evidencia en su contra, los enz rre encerrarlos y hacer justicia. y guantánamo no podrá cerrar en su plazo de enero. >>> mohammed admitió culpabilidad de planear el 9/11 >>> yapi doy ser ejecutado ¿como puede tener una condición mejor que esta. >>> no voy a tomar una determinación basado en lo que un terrorista, un asesino quiere hacer. Él no va a seleccionar dond
the latest. >> as president obama continues his asian tour, more discussions on capitol hill. officials including vice president joe biden and tom care bill. he has enough to start debate though cautiously optimistic. >> we will come up with a bill that we feel comfortable with and give to the american people. >> they are meeting with senate democrats to discuss the biey ae democrats to discuss the bill which could be unveiled as early as today. it includes several changes, such as a new proposal for long-term insurance program to assist the elderly and disabled. many gop are opposed. >> the public is saying that they do not want any more bills that are 2000 pages. >> the vote could come as early as this friday. in washington, nikole killion, wbal-tv. coming up, the mornings financial news in a bloomberg business report. >> which new cars are the safest on the road? we will bring you the results of a new report in the consumer alert. >> the ravens give their place- kicker the boot. >> he did not want to give your car the boot. what is in store for the first snowfall of the season. we ar
. as president obama continues his travels in asia, he's facing some political trouble back home. a cbs news poll out tonight shows his job approval is falling, it's 53% now, ten points lower than it was in june and his disapproval rating is up ten points. the president met in beijing today with his chinese counterpart and afterwards spoke about the growing cooperation between the two countries. but there is a lot that the two men don't agree on. our chief white house correspondent chip reid is traveling with the president in beijing. >> reporter: in beijing, president obama was honored by chinese president hu jintao at an elaborate state dinner. and treated to a tour of the forbidden city. but after hours of meetings where little progress was made, the two leaders put their wide differences on display. one of president obama's top priorities here was to prod china to open its markets to u.s. goods. >> this will lead to increased u.s. exports and jobs. >> reporter: president huh ignored the issue. instead, he took a swipe at the obama administration for imposing tariffs on chinese tires and other
there is on theop level somehuasm about barack obama. i arrom my friends in and i ink leadership is mainly woing w kind o busine they'll be ae to do with the nministration. thin administration and the president has done a good job of sding the signalsoth of the imrtance of relation, the buness the is de thcial envirment fr,a also would a w izh ecy that i think his shaipeech did ma the a dom ofessi ex, is is not some americ cceut universal concept. so i think he's don about as much ae can on chine seriously,lo f lationship in thon but we have difftsalue we' coue represent. >>ut do think, crlie, in this relationship, which is going to be a very cex one for us totte also impnt andymlsre important. and withat respect, bause m ry pptiveof president suced, i thinkth decisio not to see lama was mistaken because, you know, this street.nship has to be a t-way china does not awrom prenting itself differences wi i can tell youas a former diplomat in many meets wit the chine, they wouldegin every meeting wi a litan of position in taiwan.e u and, you know, i think it's... i admire the president for his... he'
captioning institute gretchen: sarah palin rates president obama on a scale of one to ten. what is her number? should president obama cover his ears? we have the number. sarah palin sits down with barbara walters on day two of media blitz for "going rogue" she may have been plight about the president yesterday while talking to oprah. today did the governor take off her gloves? what does governor palin think of "newsweek" putting her on the cover in running shorts on the cover of "newsweek"? >> on a scale of one to ten, ten being the best, where do you rate barack obama? >> a four. i think there are a lot of decisions being made that i, and probably the majority of americans are not impressed with right now. i think our economy is not being put on the right track. and i question, too, some of the dithering and hesitation with some of our national security questions that have got to be answered for our country. so a four. >> you have seen the cover of "newsweek"? it's a picture of you in shorts. from a photograph that was taken for runners world magazine. so how do you feel
jane: president obama is nearing the end of his trip to asia. he will sit down with major garrett and you will hear part parts of that interview just minutes from now. gretchen: and inside a t.j. maxx store, a gunman was held was holding hostages for more than four hours. jane: and the crew took off to drop off spare parts to the international space station. let's start with major developments on capitol hill. there are live pictures of attorney general eric holder testifying about the senate judiciary i committee. you see russ feingold of wisconsin there. the attorney general is being peppered with questions on a decision to try these alleged 9/11 co-conspirators in federal court in new york city. holder has spent the morning defending the move. take a listen. >> as soon as we get, that we will play it for you, but first let's get to catherine herridge in d.c. and she has been watching every moment of these hearings. what have we heard from eric holder? >> there are striking moments in the testimony, first and foremost, the attorney general has repeatedly described the administra
. >>> president obama admitted for the first time that his january deadline to close guantanamo bay will not be met while the attorney general was grilled on capitol hill. >> scott thuman has the tough questions that mr. holder had to answer. >> this was no easy appearance before eric holder, he had to defend his decision to bring suspects of the 9/11 attack to a trial in new york city as opposed to a military court in cuba. there is no shortage of critics. >> i think he is making a fundamental mistake. >> instantly on the hot seat, eric holder was asked why bring five terrorists suspects including the alleged 9/11 mastermind to new york for trial. >> he has already asked to plead guilty and be executed. >> i am not going to base a determination on what a terrorist, what a murderer wants to do. >> holder tried to assure lawmakers there would be no acquittal. >> failure is not an option. these are cases that have to be won. >> i do not know how you could make a statement that failure to convict is not an option when you have juries in this country. i think a lot of americans thought
tavis: good evening from los angeles. i'm tavis smiley. president obama is very near a desionn th.s. voment for the u.s. troops in afghanistan. can the troops impt afghanistan as ch as th did iraq. joining us is d senor. he is out new with a book about the economic turnaround of israel called "start-up nation." al new york times columnist gail collins is here. she became the first woman named editor over the new york times editorial page. her new book looks at the last 50 years of women's history in the country. it is called "when everything changed." we're glad you could join us. dan senor and columnist gail collins coming up right now. >> there are so many things that wal-mart is looking forward to doing, like helping people live better, but mostly we're looking forward to helping build stronger communities and relationships because with your help, the best is yet to come. >> nationwide insurance proudl supports tavis smiley. tavis and nationwide insurance working to improveinancial literacy and t enomic empowerment that comes with it. ♪ nate isionwidn your side ♪ >> and by
>>> this morning on "early today," next stop, south korea. president obama turns his focus toward north korea. >>> up in flames. an explosion at an oil refinery sends a plume of fire into the skies of utah. >>> and dash cam depth. a police cruiser camera catches a deadly high-speed collision in a police cruiser camera catches a deadly high-speed collision in connecticut. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm christina brown. >>> today we begin with the next and final step. president obama is en route to south korea this morning after several busy days in china. although the president will be discussing key issues in seoul, many see his stop in beijing as perhaps the most critical of his four-nation tour. for the latest we turn to nbc news chief white house correspondent chuck todd, who is traveling with the president. good morning, chuck. >> reporter: good morning, christina. well, the president wrapped up his last day in beijing. playing tourist. he got to seat great wall up close and did have one more formal meeting here with the premier w
her out on a blanket. >>> today president obama will visit u.s. troops in osan air base. he left beijing this morning after meeting with china's premier. earlier today the president visited great wall of china and stepped three steep -- climbed three steep segments and described the wall at spectacular. what a picture to have of yourself late to on the wall. >>> your holiday travels already more expensive this year because a surcharge that the airlines added on for the busiest days. now we learn the surcharges won't end after the holidays as they were supposed to. jennifer westhoven is telling us why. >> like they were a trial and said, oh, look. you're willing to pay them, we're willing to keep charging you. the writing seems to be on the wall if you want to fly on a busy day this year it's going to cost you more. at least among these three airlines. delta, northwest and united. they all tried the holiday surcharges and the are adding them to many busy days all through memorial day. so one example is, the day after the super bowl. it will cost you $50 more to fly. they added a l
result. >> the obama administration says federal courts are the best place to try these terror suspects, but many families of the victims approached holder after his turn in the hot seat, telling him they aren't convinced. joe brown, cbs news, washington. >> the critics argue that the trial will give the terrorists stage despite hateful rhetoric. but such concerns are misplaced because judges can control unruly defendants and any pronouncements would make the terror suspects look worse. >>> health and human services secretary, kathleen says federal policy on who should get breast cancer screenings has not changed. she issued the statement to ease confusion over a government task force panel that said that routine mammograms are not necessary for most women in their 40s. the panel instead recommends that women at low risk should not get strained until they are in their 50s and then only every other year. on 9news now this morning, dr. rachel brem at george washington university hospital told andrea roane the recommendations are a huge step backwards. > mammography is the single best way
obama landed in seoul, south korea, the last stop in his weeklong asian tour. he left beijing this morning and arrived at the air base. he will be meeting with u.s. troops and has a meeting scheduled with the south korean president. earlier today the president visited the great wall of china and met with the china premier. we have surveillance video that i think is going to make your jaw drop. everything was quiet at a utah oil refinery and then suddenly, bam, a huge explosion the investigators say the fireball soared 100 feet, knocked a nearby home off its foundation and damaged almost 100 others. thankfully, amazingly, nobody was hurt. two weeks later this is still being investigated. the plant has shut down voluntarily. >>> so your holiday travel's already more expensive because of surcharges at the airlines added on for the busiest days. now we're learning the surcharges are not ending after the new year. money expert, jennifer westhoven, i thought the whole pitch was, this is just for the busy holidays. >> it was just for those busy holidays but then they said, you know,
. center of controvers >> nexat 4:15,ha president obama is saying about what will happen to the alleged 9/11 maer mind w he goesn trial. >>t 4:30, theomp and circumstance surrounding sarah palin s kicks o her natiwi book-signg tour today. >>> at 4:45, what travel agents are saying about the upcomi liday ason and wt you need to know to be epared. >>> today on capitol hill, republicans took on attorney theyticized his plan to put 9/11aster mind khalid shaikh muhammed and other detaees on trial in new york city. holder's criti call the decision a mistake and a perversion of justice.delsman h. country less safe. make this that is my problem with what you ha don >> reporte in the sate hot seat, u.s. attorney general eric holder said it's passed time to bring khalid shaikh muhmed and four oersth federal court in neyor ground zero for trial. >> by holding these terrorists responsie for their actions, we are finally taking ultimate steps toward justice. that is why i made the decision. >> reporter: it wille anpen courtroom. ksm could speak out. >> it will provide khalid shaikh muhaed to be a her
months following a surgele earlier this year. officials credit new programs. >>> president obama wrapping up his tour of asia where a visit to seoul, south korea where he arrived just a few minutes ago. while in beijing, the president met with china's premier telling them that the u.s.' relationship with china is getting stronger. relationships appear to be easing between the white house an fox newschannel. president obama was expected to speak with the news channel during a rant of interviews overseas. >>> a local convenience store owner is being called a hero. according to prie george's county police, two masked men walked into the food zone in fort washington last night. one of them pulled out a gun and demanded money. the owner hit the gun out of the man's hand, turned it on the suspect and fired off a shot. man was killed. this morning, police are looking for the other suspect who got away. >>> we're learning more about what happened the night a 9- year-old died inside his apartment and the man accused of killing him. in court police said that jose pena wore the same clothes that he
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, thank you, very much. and now for the first time president obama says the january says the january decline may not happen. the president sitting down with major gator. here's the president on with major garrett. here's the president on closing gtmo. >> i anticipate guantanamo being closed next year. i'm not going to set an exact date because a lot of this depends on cooperation from congress. you can see major garrett's entire interview with the president tonight. right here on the fox news channel. martha: and lawmakers on capitol hill peppering the attorney general with questions about the tragedy at fort hood. they want to know about the newly-emerging astonishing missed warning signs. some reports out there today are that he considered some of his soldier psychiatry patients to be war criminals. >> from the basis of what i know so far, it is disturbing to know that there was this interaction between hassan and other people that i find disturbing. jane: well -- martha: attorney general said they are in the process of gathering information in this case. >> ahead of tomorrow's ina
in a murder that elliott wound up killing. >>> president obama will meet with the president of south korea later today. it will talk about north korea's nuclear program. he wrapped up a trip to beijing with some sightseeing at the great wall of china. >>> support for the afghanistan war is slipping. a new poll found 52% of americans feel the war is not worth the cost. 44% see it as a worth fighting. 55% saw are confident the president will choose a strategy that will ultimately work. >>> breaking news. the european union said pirates have now attacked the u.s. flag maersk alabama up for the second time in five months. pirate attack it off the coast of somalia earlier this year, taking the captain hostage. he was rescued by navy seals. we will have more details as they become available. >>> the pentagon is preparing to launch its own investigation into the fort hood shooting rampage. it will look at how all military service members are showing signs of trouble. nidal hasan is acced of killing and injuring many people. >>> vincent gray is the target of an ethics probe. he used council statio
the love of a former stripper. they have been involved in a bitter custody dispute. >>> president obama is on his way to korea. he will meet with the president of south korea and later today. they're expected to hold long talks about north korea's clear program. he wrapped up his trip to beijing earlier today with some sightseeing at the great wall of china. >>> support for the afghanistan war is flipping. a new poll found 52% of americans feel the war is not worth the cost. 44% see it as worth fighting. 55% are confident the president will choose a strate that will work. >>> vincent gray is the target of an ethics probe. he used council stationery to solicit a $20,000 contribution from comcast. he was trying to raise money to help pay for democratic party activities. d.c. law imposes a $5,000 limit on such contributions. he said he did not view the letter as a political solicitation. >>> the institute for highway safety picked 19 cars as its top safety picks. ford leads the pack. foreign car builders subaru and volkswagen had five awards each. the entire list is something you can find
on one with president obama on afghanistan, jobs, and even his weight. >>> double duty. what happened when a single mom, a soldier, refused to go to war? >>> palin country. where people camped out overnight to get her new book. and what sarah palin is now saying about 2012. >>> and easy rider. a motorcycle for a green generation. a motorcycle for a green generation. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. i'm ann curry in for brian williams tonight. he'll be back tomorrow. and we begin with a sudden and surprising development in a story we've been bringing you this week. the latest government guidelines on when women should start getting mammograms to detect breast cancer. two days after an independent panel recommended regular mammograms begin not at age 40 but at age 50, the secretary of health and human services said women should still consider getting mammograms at age 40. we have an interview with secretary sibelius in suft a moment. but first nbc's chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman sorts through the confusion. >> reporter
uninsured now. >>> president obama predicted today the decision to bring khalid shaikh mohammed and four others to stand trial on terrorism charges will satisfy americans when, and these were his words, when mohamed is convicted and the death penalty is applied to him. attorney general eric holder was on capitol hill answering senators angry that the terrorism suspects are going to be brought to the u.s. here's pierre thomas. >> reporter: the attorney general came under immediate and sustained republican fire for his decision to bring khalid shaikh mohammed and other suspected terrorists to new york to stand trial. >> i believe this decisi is dangerous. that is a perversion of the justice system. >> this really bothers mr. attorney general, with all >> reporter: the normally collegial attorney general was combative. >> i know that we are at war. we need not cower in the face of this enemy. our resolve is firm and our people are ready. >> reporter: holder has argued that civilian court holds the best chance for success and more appropriate because 9/11 was a direct attack on the u.s. home
. >>> president obama is claiming the self-proclaimed master mind of the 9/11 attacks will be convicted and executed. >>> and kathleen sebelius weighs in on the guidelines. >>> a store owner was able to wrestle a gun away from a would-be robbe and shoot and kill the man. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. this happened last night on the food zone store on livingston road. today the owner spoke out about the incident. pat collins has more. >> reporter: in this armed robbery, it's the suspect honeded up dead. killed with his own gun. this is john jiang. he's a former soldier in the korean army, that training may have saved his life last night. mr. jiang owns the food zone convenience store in ft. washington. he's owned the store for five years. he's been robbed here three times. a couple years ago, mr. jiang installed bullet-proof cage around the cash registers. it gave him a sense of safety until last night. around 9:30 last night, two men, both wearing masks, both carrying silver guns, come into the convenience store. the robbery's on. >> he saw me andith the gun said
to this program. bill: in march of this year, president obama talked about the economy and the attention that needed to be paid to the deficit. >> let's do what we need to do to get through the difficult times, make some investments in health care, energy, education, that will lay the foundation for long-term economic growth. but let's also start making some tough choices about the deficit as soon as we get out of this recovery. bill: we are still climbing out of recovery. çsome would say that the jobs situation is about time, but can we sustain when you are talking about? the first >> side says we cannot afford it. we are -- >> the first side says we cannot afford it. we are being lectured by china. on the otxe  side, we cannot afford not to have a job creation projects. johnson is a core part of our economic problems. --job jobs is a core part of our economic problems. bill: he will be back in the next hour. we will be talking about some of the pressure is coming onto the white house. alisyn: to add insult to economic injury, the white house admitted we made and billions of improper
>>> the brother of president obama. we meet him fresh off a meeting with his famous siblg in china, plus, what's at stake for our national security as the president now lands in south korea. >>> your eyes popped when you saw the latest airline prices. well, keep those eyes opened. airlines are saying they are going to keep the special holiday surcharges past the holidays. >>> and then, why that's quite a nice blouse you're wearing there today. sucking up to your boss. does it work? a new study tells us which bosses can smell it when you're putting it on thick and which cannot. >>> all that this hour on "morning express." i'm richard lui. >>> first off, pirates attacked the "maersk alabama" for the second time. pirates fired automatic weapons at the ship this morning. private security guards on the ship fired back and turned them away. now, "maersk alabama" probably sounds familiar to you, because it was hijacked in april. in april, pirates took captain richard phillips hostage five days before the navy freed him. these hijackings are increasing. 29 successful hijackings this year a
troops to afghanistan. president obama has been weighing options for months, and today, in china, he talked about it with cnn. >> i will announce that decision certainly in the next several weeks. the pieces involved number one, making sure that the american people understand we do have a vital interest in making sure that al qaeda cannot attack us and that they can't use afghanistan as a safe haven. we have a vital interest in making sure that afghanistan is sufficiently stable that it can't infect the entire region with violent extremism. >> ifill: that decision will come as public support for the afghan war continues to fall. a "washington post"-abc news poll published today found 52% of americans now believe the war has not been worth fighting. support for the war in other nato-member nations is lower still. but the alliance said today it plans a meeting next month to discuss sending in even more troops. >> lehrer: gwen will look at corruption in afghanistan later in the program. >> lehrer: in other news today, senate democratic leaders got the word on how much their health care
the words of a catalyst for its life for -- then says $43 billion of tarp available, obama agrees. member.-- slide five incoming team at fed and treasury in agreement. this is from another board member not to your comment tim sloan of your board. slide five, i'm sorry slide six. you have our commitment that this will be resolved. you will get some additional investment, eric ross, via a lawyer. questions for you gentlemen. none of these are in dispute here today. none of the testimony that we've had up until now disputes the fact that in various ways than new york bank chairman tim geithner was in the loop because this was after he was after the likely and in fact now with the secretary. knowing all of this, do you believe today that if the money had not been made available, and this is for the board members primarily, in the form of a loan or in this case a loan through preferred stock with interest, you believe that you would have likely pulled the mac and disputed going through with the deal at the current cost based on the 18 billion losses? >> and mr. gifford would like you to answer
the obama administration and manufacturers are over the production and distribution. >> the good news is, the vaccine is an excellent match with the virus that is circulating. >> the virus has infected 22 million americans, nearly 4000 are dead from the swine flu. the department of health and human services is now or assuring congress that eventually there will be an up vaccine for everyone by year's end. >> we are out here to make sure there is somebody to administer this. >> a recent harvard school of public health poll showed that 91% of americans who cannot get the vaccine will go back to get that new version. at the university of maryland, their health department will hold a vaccination. clinic. >>> montgomery county leaders proposed tolls for the intercounty connector are too expensive. the county council said that too few drivers would use it if the rate was too high. the council plans that frequent users should get a discount. right now, it could cost upwards of 35 cents per mile. >>> american made cars are dominating the safety list. among the winners -- general motors and honda
. toy it was president obama's turn to pose foris photo op on th 2,000-yr-old landmark, but lurking inhe background,as it has throughout obama's tourof asiais the issue of afghistan. soon he' expected to nounce his decion on the pentagon's quest for additional troops. cha, in a series of interviews with american television, the present said that his decion will, quote, put us on a path towards ending the war. he went on to say, my prerence would notto hand off anythingo the next president >>> americanfficials have repeatedly said that the fight against the tiban in afghanistan is inextricably linked with the fight agains the talibanin nehboring pakistan. there the pakistani army h en engaged in a 4-ek-long offense against the militants in the pvince of south waristan. this weeforeign rerters were allowed into the regn for a oser look at howhe fight is going. this reporter froml jazeera engliswas one of them. >> reporter: the pakistani militaryays they've contained a fothold in sou wiristan, following itsall-out assault on the region las month. cut off from the outsid world, its a town o
chins ad epthe relatiship n e s.and beij president obama hes h tola t thrsreinhe not without a w twndle erin courtrm. morr. that carguments as y or eans atththe ry d star thideliberatiweek. all this state ors pr abruptlystr on bear in the ca. was to t hewas never ca so that ompt e judge to throoutwofe sev against the mayo dickson's rnma sayi at ju s beenpoisoned witevidence that be giv by we're l a potion where fothjury to convict. e and onthe contrary, there is to to y, i u ere oven tircase bea reas pe toexcamore witnesses to the stda t big question remains, so b abcws>> tnk u, lin. >>> d ginnin couroom. keepened ell u ythi that goes on on www.abws.c. >>t reis a look aat ihaening to it isvembh d th conference on aprong an dyamnttochoo across the nd e yo e of the dswaking u cringingacssthwaat a tomovetree. how e ane tipped ov om the weight and ok out inyard? e hohineis clrly molition project. manypefoth ght w. w cameras at keeu pr. d >>> e re ntsince h her now anexe terview out with pop ar janeja d be attoeaan hool re othork o >>> goodning ever, looking at an w . e teature gh. hour
for joining us, i'm michelle gielan. president obama wrapped up his visit to china this morning and his extensive meetings with chinese leaders. before leaving for south korea, the president met with the chinese premier and then did some sightseeing like millions before him visiting the great wall. the president says the u.s.-chinese relationship is a vital partnership but on several key issues such as human rights and economic issues. the chinese refuse to bend. the president told cbs news, it'll be several weeks before he makes a decision on troop levels in afghanistan. a just released cbs news poll finds a public perception of how things are going in afghanistan are at their lowest point ever. just 23% of those asked think things are going well for the u.s. in afghanistan. nearly 70% think the war is going badly. that's a considerable drop from september. about 1/3 of americans think the number of u.s. troops in afghanistan should be increased and a majority of americans 53% still approve of the way president obama's handling his job, a slight decrease from last month. >>> on the cbs
appear to be easing between the white house and fox newschannel. president obama granted a request from the network during a round of interviews overseas. the president spoke with major garrett about how to get business higher so the government doesn't have to step in. >> i think it is important though to recognize that if we keep on adding to the debt, even in the midst of this recovery, that at some point people could lose confidence in the u.s. economy in a way that could actually lead to a double dip recession. >> on another note, about the president's trip to asia the president did take time out to meet with his half brother and his wife. they shared the same father but did not grow up together. >>> a possible unveiling on capitol hill as democrats bring their version of health care reform center stage. critics from all around are keeping a close eye on the deficit. doug lazader hasmre from capitol hill. >> reporter: this new plan is going to very quickly embroil the senate in a huge debate. >> democrats and the senate think they have this figured out. >> i think if you are not imp
will have a contrary result. >> reporter: the obama administration says federal courts are the best place to try these terror suspects, with many families of the victims approached holder after his turn in the hot seat, telling them, they -- him, they still aren't convinced. >> reporter: in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> holder also testified that if any of the five terror suspects are acquitted, they would not be released in the united states. >>> let's update the dramatic breaking news from the show rescue of a partial collapse of a home in south baltimore. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene. captain mike perry is live with more. >> reporter: it appears, kai, shortly before 4:00 this afternoon, on the 1400 block of cooksie street. this is off fort avenue. almost fort mchenry in south baltimore. firefighters were called to the scene of a person trapped after a roof had collapsed, taking the second and the first floor with it. now, the person that was trapped was actually at that point stuck in the basement with all of that debris on top of him. firefighters arrived, wo
, presidential visit to asia. president obama is in south korea now the last stop op his tour. >> mr. obama conducted a round of media interviews and comments on afghanistan with making headlines. doug lazader joins us now live from capitol hill, good morning. i think one of the first things to jump out at most of us, he is telling us when he expects to make announcement on the future of strategy in afghanistan. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, guys. he is saying within weeks which is what the white house said again and again and again as this decision lingers out there. the i'm sure that's not going to mull fie critics who think the decision should have been made earlier. there are weighty decisions to be made. obviously involve matters of life and death. he is going to take time coming up with what he considers to be the right kind oaf policy. >> as he inherited this war, he made the statement he doesn't want it to go beyond the administration. he says he his new strategy is to think about an end game, getting out of afghanistan. >reporter: really that's been everyone's strategy to find a
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